Out-of-State Training Waiver Application

If you are a nurse aide candidate from another state who has completed a nurse aide training program of at least 90 hours, that is the same or substantially similar to the Arkansas nurse aide training requirements, but have not successfully completed a nurse aide competency exam, you will be required to successfully complete the Arkansas competency examination within one (1) year of your documented completion of comparable training. 
  • Once your application has been approved, you will be able to pay your testing fees and pick a test event and location of your choosing. 
  • Upon passing both the knowledge and skill exams within three attempts and one year of your documented completion of comparable training, your name will be placed on the ARNAR. 
Your application is not complete until the required information is included, then select “Send Application.”
Training Program Completion
State Approved Curriculum
  • I have uploaded my Training Program Certificate of Completion.
  • I have uploaded my State Approved Curriculum from the State that my Nurse Aide Training Program Certificate of Completion was issued.
By Submitting
I hereby verify that I understand and agree with the statements contained herein and the above information is true and correct.